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The UK energy market is changing rapidly with continued growth in renewables fuelling the need for more flexibility. This creates a hugely lucrative opportunity for investors and developers.

Continuous optimisation is needed to make the most of this opportunity. Long-term secure revenues have been replaced by the merchant model in which agility to move between flexibility markets is key. Optimising revenue means taking opportunities in wholesale markets, National Grid's balancing services, DNO services or the Balancing Mechanism, depending on market conditions at the time. This means picking the right market access provider is now more crucial than ever.

Flexitricity is able to offer access to the full range of revenue sources and we consistently perform above market average. We’re a market access provider for the likes of Gore Street Capital and Gresham House and work with a range of front-of-the-meter asset types and sizes, including gas peakers, renewables and some of the biggest battery storage projects in the country.

Benefits of partnering with Flexitricity:

  • Revenue agility: Flexitricity manages all our front-of-the meter assets dynamically, keeping agile in our approach to ensure that the assets move between different services and revenue streams, maximising revenue and return for investors.
  • Performance: We consistently perform above market average.
  • We deliver what we promise: We have built a strong reputation in the industry based on honesty and reliability.
  • Market-leading expertise: Flexitricity has been monetising flexibility longer than anyone else in the GB market.
  • Excellent customer service and customer retention: Over 96% of respondents in our customer survey said that our team is either ‘extremely responsive’ or ‘very responsive’.
  • Innovation is at the heart of everything we do (click here to find out more).
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Revenue potential – how much can you earn?

Each site is unique, which is why we conduct an in-depth assessment before we produce a revenue illustration.

  • Capacity – in theory we can work with any size of asset but for some services assets with capacity under 1MW would need to be aggregated with other assets in our portfolio. The potential for aggregation needs to be assessed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Availability and risk appetite - different trading strategies vary by risk level, expected return, and number of cycles/starts. We tailor to your project’s needs.
  • Type and co-location – we’re happy to assess revenue potential for all types of energy storage, gas and hybrid projects (such as batteries co-located with renewables).
  • Location – we work with assets across GB. Some locations have transmission or distribution constraints; if your asset can help alleviate those, it could earn higher revenue.

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