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In the media

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Friday’s power cuts: a few answers, and more questions

Here’s what we know about the events beginning on Friday afternoon at around 4:52pm. (That’s BST, not GMT. Always check…)

Flexitricity was having a quiet afternoon, with most of our customers getting on with the day job, and just a few megawatts of Short Term Operating Reserve running at the time. We were also charging some battery capacity under Balancing Mechanism instruction. National electricity demand was a modest 28GW when, for as-yet-unannounced and probably mundane reasons, Little Barford power station tripped. It had been generating 664MW. Little Barford is a combined-cycle gas turbine (CCGT) of nineties vintage, snuggled next to the main east coast train line between London and Edinburgh. It’s owned by RWE.

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