Electric vehicles and smart homes

Flexitricity provides domestic energy suppliers, domestic battery storage and heat pump providers, and EV charge point operators with a behind-the-scenes real-time optimisation service.

Home charging of electric vehicles, smart heating and in-home batteries will comprise a fast-growing, distributed, flexible energy resource. This presents both a challenge to networks and an opportunity for suppliers and customers.

Balancing Mechanism Wider Access is one of the main routes by which we expect domestic electricity customers to earn value from their flexibility. Flexitricity was the first to utilise this route to market which means we’re able to offer unrivalled expertise and maximise revenue for our customers.

Benefits of partnering with Flexitricity:

  • We work behind the scenes to enable you to successfully monetise flexibility from your network of connected assets. Working with Flexitricity is more effective, cheaper and faster route to market than setting up an in-house optimisation desk.
  • Flexitricity is Britain’s flexibility expert and market leader.
  • Our focus on innovation, strength of existing 24/7 operations and unmatched technical expertise enable us to optimise the value for our partners in the increasingly complex flexibility markets.
  • We have experience with working on innovative projects with the likes of ev.energy, CrowdCharge, Honda, Moixa, Daikin and Hitachi.
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Electric Vehicles & Domestic

The process of working together:

Each partnership is different. As an example, this is how we typically work with a domestic electricity supplier:

  • The supplier will lead the customer engagement process, with Flexitricity providing “backhaul” optimisation.
  • Flexitricity will provide aggregated dispatch, monitoring and constraint information for groups and categories of onboarded customers over an API connecting to the supplier’s platform.
  • Flexitricity will initiate and dispatch day-ahead, intraday and Balancing Mechanism trades (we also offer a BM-only option).
  • Flexitricity and the supplier will operate a gainshare commercial model, settled monthly and the supplier will make its own arrangements in respect of customer compensation.

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