Frequency Response

Frequency response ensures that the ‘heartbeat’ of electricity supply — the GB grid operating frequency — stays constant.

If the frequency goes too far from its normal value of 50Hz, blackouts or equipment damage can result. National Grid contracts frequency response services to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Frequency response is the fastest type of demand response — it is suitable for sites that can act in seconds to respond to failures at large power stations and/or help to manage the normal second-by-second frequency fluctuations. This includes energy storage, diesel rotary UPS (DRUPS) at data centres, for example, and industrial load. Dynamic and static services have different response times, ranging from sub-second to 30 seconds.

Frequency response is procured by National Grid through a mixture of weekly and monthly auctions. Over the next few months, National Grid will be launching a suite of new frequency response services.

What we do:

  • Flexitricity maximises frequency response revenue for your site using our forecasting and pricing tools, and our unmatched market experience.
  • We ensure revenue agility by offering access to the full range of energy market opportunities.
  • We provide continuous remote monitoring and a direct line to our manned control room, 24/7.
  • Frequency response services are subject to strict technical requirements. Our experienced engineers know how to deliver the quality that National Grid needs.
  • We prioritise site security and ensure you can opt in and out according to your needs.

Our frequency response credentials:

  • Flexitricity has been providing frequency response services longer than any other aggregator in the GB market.
  • We regularly secure above-market-average frequency response prices for our customers.
  • We collaborate with National Grid and other stakeholders to develop future frequency response products. Flexitricity was the sole demand response provider in National Grid’s Enhanced Frequency Control Capability project, which set the standard for future frequency response services.

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