Energy supply and wholesale market trading

Flexitricity is a licensed electricity and gas supplier for industrial, commercial and public-sector energy users, and grid-scale asset owners.

Our approach to electricity and gas supply is a little different to the norm. Flexitricity’s supply proposition is ‘pass through’ — customers see all industry charges and benefits explicitly and can manage their own wholesale market strategies.

Our supply customers are able to make long-term trades if they wish to, based on prices available in the market at the time. But we don't offer traditional all-in fixed prices. Naturally, this won’t suit all customers.

If a Flexitricity energy supply contract isn’t the right fit for a customer, or the customer is happy with the supplier they have, our other services - including Balancing Mechanism wider access - are available without a supply contract.

Depending on each customer’s requirements, we offer:

  • A ‘hand us the keys’ service to fully optimise all your energy trading activities. All of the grid-scale batteries and peaking sites in our portfolio receive this service.

  • Management of your own wholesale market strategies and risk up to the day-ahead stage via our market access platform, with Flexitricity optimising the remaining flexibility and revenue opportunity via intraday markets and in the Balancing Mechanism (most of our CHP customers choose this service).

Our trading credentials:

  • Our customers can take direct control of their own energy purchasing with direct wholesale market access, including the day ahead auction.
  • We have a dedicated trading desk focused on maximising value for your assets. For supply customers, this starts during the intraday market. For ‘hand us the keys’ customers, typically grid-scale assets, we optimise the entire wholesale market strategy in-house.
  • Our reliability of dispatch is unmatched in the industry thanks to our fully automated system, with operators on shift 24/7 to ensure reliability.

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