DNO/DSO Services

The electricity distribution networks are regional grids that branch from the national transmission network to deliver power to industrial, commercial and domestic users.

There are six distribution network operators (DNOs) in Britain, covering fourteen DNO geographical areas. As the system evolves, DNOs are becoming more active in the procurement of flexibility services to manage constraints and avoid or defer infrastructure spend.

Most DNO services will commit you to participate in a specific service at a specific time to overcome a locational constraint, so the decision to participate and the bidding prices in DNO tenders will be driven partly by the opportunity cost of coming out of real-time services elsewhere. In the future, we expect to see changes to the market that will allow for better stacking of DNO services with other revenue sources such as the Balancing Mechanism.

As the DNOs start to manage their networks in a more active way, they are recasting themselves as Distribution System Operators, or DSOs.

What we do:

  • For DNOs, location matters more than anything else. Flexitricity is continuously monitoring the markets and will make our customers aware of any DNO tenders in the region their asset(s) are located in.
  • Flexitricity’s in-house DNO services experts manage the entire process for our customers — starting with procurement through Piclo Flex or other platforms, followed by optimisation and dispatch via our 24/7 control room.
  • We provide continuous remote monitoring and a direct line to our manned control room, 24 hours/day.
DNO/DSO Services

Our DNO services credentials:

  • Flexitricity was the largest participant in the first ever DNO flexibility trial—Low Carbon London—and has been a major contributor to several other DNO trials since then.
  • We employ DNO market experts in our team who are fully engaged with the market and participate in industry working groups.
  • Flexitricity now has active commercial contracts in business-as-usual DNO flexibility markets.

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