Anesco: Successful partnership to generate revenue from battery storage and support the renewable energy revolution

AssetsLithium ion batteries
ServicesEnergy supply and trading, Balancing Mechanism, frequency response and triad management

Find partners that know what they’re doing and have experience in doing it. Batteries are inherently more complex to install, operate and manage in markets than something like solar. So, you want to find both operators and builders and also route to market partners that will enable you to maximise your returns.

Mike Ryan, Asset Management Director, Anesco

Renewables and energy storage developer Anesco is one of the largest battery developers in the UK and made history by installing the first utility scale battery storage unit in the UK.

National Grid highlights energy storage as a key growth area and estimates that as much as 30GW installed capacity could be required by 2050. This creates a hugely lucrative opportunity for investors and developers.

    Flexitricity services

    Flexitricity optimises Anesco’s 19.5MW Larport Farm battery from our 24/7 control room in Edinburgh. The battery delivers frequency response services to National Grid, and is also traded in the day ahead and intraday energy markets, and directly with National Grid in the Balancing Mechanism.

    Flexitricity brings market-leading expertise in frequency response, having been the first company to make aggregated flexibility available for frequency response in 2012. 

    In addition, Flexitricity also offers a 24/7 energy trading optimisation service and access to the Balancing Mechanism - one of the most important tools which National Grid uses to balance electricity supply and demand in real-time. 

    This service is available as part of our energy supply contract or now also as a standalone service (find out more about Balancing Mechanism Wider Access). 

    Customer benefits

    We manage the asset dynamically, keeping agile in our approach to ensure that the battery moves between different services and revenue streams, allowing Anesco to maximise revenue and return for investors.

    As Mike notes, maximising revenue from battery storage can be challenging and requires agility: “In day to day operations, the biggest challenge is working out where you place your asset. You can’t leave it in one market and expect it to make a good return. You have to dynamically pick and choose where the asset it placed and where you’re targeting your income from. It’s that active management that makes batteries more challenging.”

    Flexitricity has been able to secure highly lucrative FFR contracts for the Larport battery in 2019 and Anesco has also benefited from Flexitricity’s market-leading Balancing Mechanism expertise.

    Next steps

    Energy storage has a growing role to play on the system and the market is set to continue to grow rapidly. Anesco intends to lead the way and is planning on developing more and larger battery storage projects.

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