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Achieving net zero, maximising revenue from assets and combating rising energy costs were the three main challenges highlighted in our annual survey by the participating energy managers, business owners, project developers and investors.

Demand side flexibility offers an opportunity to tackle all these challenges.


Demand side flexibility allows you to earn revenue through trading optimisation, Balancing Mechanism and balancing services such as frequency response and STOR. There are options available for both flexible energy users and those with generation assets. Flexitricity offers access to all the available energy market revenue streams for flexibility.

Our engagement process starts with an in-depth assessment and consultation that allows us to recommend the most appropriate suite of services to maximise revenue from your flexible energy asset(s). We operate on a revenue share basis which means the assessment is completely free – we don’t charge you anything until your site is live and earning revenue through us. 


The energy market is changing. Traditional generators like large nuclear, coal and gas-fired power stations are being replaced by cleaner but variable renewables. This is creating a dramatic new opportunity for flexible energy users and distributed generation to help National Grid meet the energy demands of the UK and support the renewable energy revolution.

National Grid and many others have highlighted the role of flexibility in achieving the UK Government’s ambitious net zero carbon emission target by 2050.  The International Energy Agency (IEA) expects to see significant market growth over the next decade and notes that "power system flexibility has become a global priority".


The UK has world class expertise in demand side flexibility that will prove crucial for helping achieve net carbon goals. We’ve seen a huge growth in awareness of demand side flexibility over the last few years, driven by growth in renewables, market changes and the climate emergency. Our work has been featured in mainstream publications and our industry has been catapulted from the fringes into the spotlight.

Now, more than ever, we need to work together to keep the momentum going. We need more businesses and developers to be vocal advocates and help us continue to build a greener, fairer and more flexible energy system.

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