Wider access to the Balancing Mechanism webinar

Published by Helle Taylor 07 / 01 / 20

The Balancing Mechanism (BM) has so far only been accessible to energy suppliers and licenced generators; through the introduction of a new market structure, Virtual Lead Parties (VLP), National Grid ESO is opening up access to this real-time balancing market for all sources of electrical flexibility. This is a huge opportunity for those flexible energy users and small generators who previously haven’t been able to access the full range of revenue streams available to flexibility.

Join Flexitricity’s lead Wider Access experts Andrew Langlands, Claire Addison and Alastair Martin for this free webinar to find out more. 

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We’ll me covering the following:

- Roadmap – widening access to the BM in the context of broader market changes, how it came about and what’s to follow.

- Regulatory landscape and Flexitricity’s new VLP role in widening the market access.

- Concepts – we define some key concepts, including the Balancing Mechanism, Virtual Lead Parties, Secondary BMUs and more.

- Participation - what types and size of assets can participate.

- Range of opportunities - The difference between accessing the BM through Flexitricity+ Energy Supply and through Flexiticity’s VLP offering.

- Revenue agility – strategies for optimising revenue from the energy markets.

- Practicalities – registration requirements, metering / settlement and payments.

- Q&A

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us (info@flexitricity.com or 0131 221 8100).

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