Monetizing battery storage - Q&A with Flexitricity

Published by Helle Taylor 15 / 08 / 18

Flexitricity’s CEO Ron Ramage, Head of Business Development Andy Lowe and Senior Business Development Manager Cameron Welsh will be answering any questions you have on monetizing battery storage projects in our next Q&A video - including accessing Balancing Mechanism, frequency response and Capacity Market revenue.

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The battery storage sector in the UK is set to grow from 60 MW in 2016 to up to 12GW by the end of 2021. The UK is uniquely placed to develop a world-leading battery industry and to take advantage of new technologies as they emerge. There are undoubtedly very attractive opportunities in this growing sector for investors, developers and industrial and commercial businesses alike.

However, as more and more battery storage enters the market and competes for frequency response revenue, the likelihood of price erosion and tender rejections is steadily increasing. That’s why Flexitricity, along with National Grid, encourages storage developers to remain flexible and not build a business case solely on frequency response revenue.

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