We've been shortlisted at the ADE Awards

Published by Helle Taylor 24 / 09 / 20

We're proud to announce that Flexitricity and Philip Dennis Foodservice have been shortlisted in the Power and Flexibility Innovation category at the ADE Awards.

Philip Dennis Foodservice is a hundred-year old family-owned regional food wholesaler. They’re way ahead when it comes to the energy they need to run their business; they’ve got on-site wind turbines and solar panels, and batteries to store that green energy for when it’s most valuable.

The Balancing Mechanism is the best way of putting green energy to work. We believe that everyone should be able to join the BM, whoever their energy supplier is. BM Wider Access does that.

In April 2020 Philip Dennis Foodservice became the first energy user to deliver balancing energy using BM Wider Access. On day one, Flexitricity sent 21 separate BM dispatches to the Philip Dennis batteries, and they’ve been active in the Balancing Mechanism and in frequency response ever since.

BM Wider Access goes beyond business; it’s how Flexitricity will turn home heating and electric vehicles into the flexible resources that secure energy supplies as we head to net zero.

Helle Taylor

Helle Taylor Marketing Manager

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