Flex Assure - a code of conduct scheme for DSR aggregators launched

Published by Helle Taylor 15 / 05 / 19

Flexitricity is proud to be one of the first four members of the newly launched Flex Assure scheme. This is something we’ve been working on alongside the Association for Decentralised Energy for the past two years and we’re delighted to see it reach the finish line. Lisa Perrin, Account and Business Development Manager at Flexitricity, has been elected by other scheme members to serve on the Flex Assure Steering Committee.

The compliance scheme (and Code of Conduct) will help businesses to compare the different services offered by aggregators. It will ensure greater transparency, give businesses confidence in the services being offered to them and build trust in this rapidly developing market.

With many energy users new to DSR, it is important they feel confident about the service they will receive from the aggregators. Trust in how aggregators communicate with and deliver solutions to customers is essential.

To achieve this trust, customers need to have a common set of standards by which to compare aggregators and their claims. With a growing marketplace and increasing numbers of new entrants, it is equally important that customers can quickly understand which DSR aggregators meet those standards.

The new voluntary membership scheme, which has been welcomed by Government, is open to all DSR aggregators and licensed energy suppliers offering DSR services. 

Flex Assure was launched on 15th May at an event hosted by the ADE in London, with senior attendees from across industry. It included speeches from James Heappey, Conservative MP for Wells and a Vice President of the ADE, Paul Lowbridge, Settlements Manager from National Grid and Caroline Bragg, ADE Head of Policy.

A sixth of the UK’s peak electricity requirement – or 9.8 gigawatts - could be provided by businesses being flexible in their energy demand, which could save UK energy consumers £600 million by 2020 and £2.3 billion by 2035.

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