The energy revolution will be optimised (podcast)

Published by Helle Taylor 24 / 11 / 22

In the fourth episode of the Energy Voice energy storage series, content editor Andrew Dykes is joined by Flexitricity's head of commercial Andrew Langlands and BDO's senior audit manager Caroline Ingham to discuss aggregators and optimisers.

This episode explores how companies like Flexitricity work, how they can help determine when to discharge and recharge battery storage assets, and what the future of this rapidly evolving segment might look like.

Andrew explained that Flexitricity’s role is as “a route to market provider”, offering a wide range of services that both monetize the electrical flexibility of energy assets and provide stability and other support to the grid.

The company works with a range of different flexible energy assets from batteries to gas peaking assets, but also combined heat and power (CHP) and industrial commercial sites, all of which can use their flexibility to generate revenues for the owner.

Looking at batteries specifically, the role of the optimiser is to maximise the revenue potential for these assets, enabling them to participate in wholesale markets, the balancing mechanism and frequency response, in particularly dynamic containment.

Listen to the podcast here

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