Introducing Flexitricity+ Energy Supply

Flexitricity is becoming a licensed electricity and gas supplier for industrial, commercial and public-sector energy users, small generator owners and battery developers. A major part of this package will be providing access to the Balancing Mechanism (BM).

Over a decade ago, Flexitricity pioneered demand response in Britain. Now, we’re going to transform how electricity is traded, and once again shake up how the National Grid is balanced.

In the ten years since we started live demand response operations from our Edinburgh control room, the energy market has changed radically. That’s why we’re creating direct access to electricity and gas markets for our customers by becoming a supplier. This will unlock more value for our customers, and make our electricity system more flexible and efficient— hence cheaper, greener and more secure.

Flexitricity+ provides pass-through access to the major wholesale markets for both electricity and gas, so that industrial and commercial energy users can fix their energy costs and revenues at timescales that suit their businesses.

In addition, Flexitricity+ is the first opportunity for electricity customers and small generator owners to optimise their flexibility on the day, by trading in National Grid’s Balancing Mechanism (BM). For energy users, this is a major new revenue source. Prices in the BM can reach £2,500/ MWh, compared to around £50/MWh in wholesale markets. The market is used around 3,000 times per day at a cost of £350 million per year.

Flexitricity will be the first supplier in Britain to provide full, active participation in the BM for its customers. With the competition in reserve and response services increasing rapidly, trading is the key opportunity to future-proof your demand-response revenue and ensure you’re making the most of your assets.





Flexitricity+ Energy Supply brochure (1.1MB)