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Optimising CHP generation

Flexitricity is the first company to combine flexible energy trading with demand response in 24-hour operations. Our goal is to get the best value for Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generators.


Maximising CHP revenue is a balance between:

  • Meeting the needs of heat and private wire customers
  • Getting the most out of the power purchase agreement (PPA)
  • Earning additional revenue from demand-response services like STOR and the Capacity Market


Every CHP site is different, so we tailor our commercial and technical approach:

  • Understanding site constraints, economics and PPA terms
  • Remote monitoring of process parameters like heat demands, heat store volumes and generation
  • Developing weekly and daily schedules in collaboration with site operators
  • Operating short-term trades under the existing PPA
  • Operating balancing services like STOR and Footroom around the resulting generation schedules
  • Protecting core site operations by automatic protections and 24-hour monitoring


Normally, generators don’t need to change their PPAs. We can work with any electricity supplier able to provide access to market prices.


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