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A disruptive new offering from Flexitricity

Flexitricity is becoming a licensed electricity and gas supplier for industrial, commercial and public-sector energy users, small generator owners and battery developers. A major part of this package will be providing access to the Balancing Mechanism (BM).

The BM is one of the most important tools the National Grid uses to balance electricity supply and demand in real time.  Energy customers and small generators cannot access this market directly; they have to go through licensed suppliers. However, suppliers have not historically provided access to the mechanism for their customers. By bringing its customers into this market, Flexitricity will unlock new revenue for customers by trading their flexibility as and when it becomes available – presenting a major market opportunity for companies previously excluded from the BM.


This unique new service will deliver numerous benefits to customers:

  • Pass-through access to the major wholesale markets for both electricity and gas, enabling customers to fix their energy costs and revenues at timescales that suit their businesses

  • Transparent pricing of wholesale costs and non-energy costs

  • A market access platform that will allow customers to plan consumption and generation down to day-ahead stage

  • A major new revenue source by optimising flexibility on-the-day and in the BM

  • Complete control, with the ability to opt out, restrict availability or set parameters at any time

  • A single financial statement covering energy costs and revenues, balancing services revenue, capacity market revenue, triad benefit and non-energy costs

Visit our FAQ page to find out more about Flexitricity’s new service and the opportunity this could present for your business. 


Flexitricity’s energy supply contracts will be ideally suited to several sectors, such as:

  • Combined heat and power (CHP) operators, including those with private wire networks;
  • Flexible consumers in sectors such as cold storage, water and chemicals;
  • Developers of batteries, hybrid resources and peaking or backup plant, whether behind the meter or not;
  • Controllable renewable resources, such as hydro, biogas, biomass or batteries co-located on wind or solar farms.


What if it is not the right fit?

If a Flexitricity energy supply contract isn’t the right fit for a customer, or the customer is happy with the supplier they have, we will continue to be the market-leading choice for balancing, capacity and peaking revenue sources. We currently run Britain’s largest, longest-established and most diverse demand response service from our 24-hour control room – and we will continue to do so.

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