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Industry project sparks new approach to balancing a greener grid

Press Release

1 May 2018

- Flexitricity is working with National Grid to help find new ways to stabilise the Great Britain’s electricity transmission system as the nation’s energy becomes greener and fossil fuels are phased out. - 

Seismic Shift in the UK Energy Market Set to Unlock Benefits for Energy Users

Press Release

11 April 2018

- Increased awareness and participation is putting energy customers in the driving seat, according to DSR pioneer -

Ameresco Partners with Flexitricity to Offer European Demand Side Response Solutions

Press Release

14 February 2018

- Ameresco’s customers will benefit from enhanced Demand Side Response solutions in the UK and across Europe -

The Capacity Market: “With the value in today’s electricity market spread between capacity, balancing services and energy itself, DSR resources should play both the long game and a wide one.”

Press Comment

February 2018

Dr Alastair Martin, Founder and CSO, Flexitricity

- “As we predicted, the first T-1 top-up capacity auction, which was highly pressurised and oversubscribed, has cleared at the lowest price of any auction so far in the Government’s Capacity Market." -

Flexitricity to change how electricity is traded and take on the Big Six

Press Release

12 December 2017

- Market-leading demand response firm to launch commercial supply service and unlock benefits of balancing mechanism -

Business born at a kitchen table moves to capital location

Press Release

30 May 2017

- Flexitricity expands in move to prime Edinburgh office -

Gateshead district energy project earns £1million boost on demand

Press Release

23 January 2017

- Partnership with Flexitricity turns capacity into cash -

“Flexible industry chops £40m from electricity bills”, says Flexitricity

Press Release

09 December 2016

– Demand response key to securing sustainable back-up reserve – 

UK’s ‘hidden’ power stations to ease stressed grid

Press Release

18 October 2016

– Flexibility of 2,000+ CHP plants could make space for more green power – 

Flexitricity steps in after major power station fails

Press Release

06 September 2016

A sudden failure at Spalding Power Station yesterday led to Flexitricity delivering emergency demand response. 

Herald and Times subscribes to Demand Response

Press Release

29 June 2016

- Newspaper group connects to Flexitricity’s growing network of virtual power stations -

Surge of interest expected in £4.5m contract race

Press Release

07 April 2016

- Flexitricity opens doors for new connections to its demand response network -

Gusty days to generate windfall for UK businesses

Press Release

11 February 2016

- Grid launches new system to harness wind’s full potential -


Press Release

15 December 2015

Yesterday’s unplanned shutdown of one of Scotland’s main nuclear reactors demonstrated the value of a multi-faceted energy market, with business energy users helping keep the lights on.

Power Smart Business Can Resist New Charges

Press Release

10 December 2015

Industrial energy users must learn to flex their consumption to avoid new charges when the capacity market launches in 2018, according to the leading demand response provider, Flexitricity.

Why are the Lights going out - in utility company boardrooms? Asks Flexitricity's Dr Alastair Martin

Press Release

09 November 2015

EMEX 2015 presenter Dr Alastair Martin will be urging industrial and commercial (I&C) energy customers to expect more from their suppliers when he takes to the stage at the utilities and energy services seminar this Wednesday.


Press Release

04 November 2015

Dr Alastair Martin, chief strategy officer at demand response provider Flexitricity, said: “What we’re seeing is a warning from National Grid that they are unsure there is enough supply to meet demand. In other words, things are looking tight.

Demand Response Provider set to boost Capacity Market share

Press Release

21 October 2015

Britain’s largest demand response provider looks set to increase and extend its position within the Capacity Market (CM) after successfully pre-qualifying all of its submitted capacity.

Modern Energy Market to Turn Consumer to Producer

Press Release

09 September 2015

Britain’s largest demand response provider says a shake-up in the country’s energy market could see businesses in all sectors become the power stations of the future.

Companies Win Contracts For Reducing Power Demand

Press Release

23 September 2014

National Grid has contracted 319MW of Demand Side Balancing Reserve (DSBR) across 431 individual sites, to be available this winter.

Alpiq acquires British market leader in demand response

Press Release

08 April 2014

Alpiq has acquired the British company Flexitricity as of 7 April 2014. With this acquisition, Alpiq can support its strategy implementation by gaining access to specialised know-how and new markets in the area of decentralised energy management. 

Virtual CHP Power Plants could be an answer to increasing network demand

Press Release

30 January 2014

Virtual Power Plants could decarbonise electricity supplies, while reducing demand  on the electricity network by harnessing power from small clusters of combined heat and power (CHP) systems.

Thameswey puts energy into Project FALCON

Press Release

16 December 2013

WPD is delighted to announce the support of Thameswey Energy, through their partners Flexitricity, in agreeing to particpate in Project FALCON's Demand Response (DR) trial.

Public Sector can generate new revenue from existing electricity assets

Press Release

6 February 2013


Flexitricity to deliver demand response technology to public sector through new framework agreement.

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