Flexitricity+ Energy Supply Brochure

Flexitricity+ is the first opportunity for electricity customers and small generator owners to optimise their flexibility on the day, by trading in National Grid’s Balancing Mechanism (BM). For energy users, this is a major new revenue source.

Frequency Response

Frequency response is how electricity loads, small generators, batteries and large power stations work with National Grid to keep the electricity system stable.

But which organisations are most suited for frequency response? What are the differences between 'dynamic' and 'non-dynamic' frequency response? And what are the overarching business benefits of tapping into the frequency response market?

Service Brochure

We’ve been generating new revenue for businesses since 2008.  We’re the only full-service, round-the-clock demand-response aggregator in GB.  If it’s happening in Britain, the chances are that we started it. 

What is Demand Response and how does it work?

edie explains Demand Response guide, supported by Flexitricity. At its simplest, demand response, or demand side response, financially incentivises energy users to turn down or turn off non-essential energy use at times of peak demand... 

Footroom / Demand turn-up

Footroom, or demand turn-up, provides a cost-effective alternative to turning off wind farms when there is insufficient demand from the grid. Footroom benefits organisations that are able to increase consumption or reduce generation when wind output is high.

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