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Triad management

Triad management is one of the most lucrative demand response revenue sources. Flexitricity’s triad management record is unbeatable.

The triad system is the way National Grid charges businesses for the cost of the transmission network. By reducing load and increasing generation when national demand is at its highest, customers can save or earn money.

Triad management is a difficult process. Too much triad management wastes fuel and disrupts business. Too little puts the revenue at risk.

Flexitricity’s hybrid, to-the-wire triad management process has allowed our customers to benefit even from the difficult triads that many large companies have missed. This gives us a 100% record since we began operations in 2008.

  • Triad analysis updated from week-ahead to real time
  • Fully automated triad monitoring and despatch
  • Seamlessly integrated with STOR, frequency response and other demand-response revenue sources
  • Careful targeting of peaks to minimise fuel use
  • Site-specific start times and fuel costs taken into account
  • Compatible with flexible load and generation