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Short term operating reserve

Short term operating reserve (STOR) is National Grid's most important source of reserve energy. Flexitricity is the most experienced STOR aggregator in GB.

STOR is delivered by reducing demand or increasing generation with around ten minutes’ notice, and sustaining this for approximately one to two hours.

We pay sites for being ready to respond to a STOR event (availability), and we pay again for delivered energy (utilisation).

Flexitricity’s STOR approach is the most capable in the market:

  • Robust, secure and fully automated
  • Control room staffed 24 hours/day, with continuous live site updates
  • Defensive engineering
  • Customers can use hard-wired opt-out controls at any time
  • Unmatched market experience secures the best price for each site
  • Fully aggregated: no minimum or maximum size

STOR is suitable for a wide variety of assets, and Flexitricity has the portfolio needed to choose the best commercial approach for each:

50 hours/year: We limit running of standby generators to the biggest STOR events, normally just enough to provide a good-practice on-load testing regime.

500 hours/year: CHP generators normally run for all STOR events, although they opt out of STOR when they are needed by the site.

Variable: We can place flexible load into a more conservative or more aggressive role depending on the site.