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Frequency response

Our frequency response portfolio stands in the front line of electricity system balancing.

Flexitricity has expertise and years of experience in delivering frequency response services. We are the sole demand response provider in National Grid’s Enhanced Frequency Control Capability project, which will set the standard for future frequency response services.

Flexitricity’s frequency response systems are compatible with all of National Grid’s commercial frequency services, including:

  • FCDM - frequency control by demand management
  • FFR - firm frequency response
  • SFC - smart frequency control

Frequency response sites respond to failures at large power stations. Most sites drop load in around a second, and resume normal operation in 30 minutes.

    This happens around ten times each year – that’s just five hours of annual service delivery. It’s fast power, but only when the grid really needs it.

    Frequency response services are subject to strict technical requirements. Our engineers know how to deliver the quality that National Grid needs.

    What you get

    • New revenue from existing assets
    • Predictable income throughout the year
    • Freedom to opt in and out according to your needs
    • Continuous remote monitoring and a direct line to our control room, 24 hours/day
    • Also earn from triad management, the Capacity Market and other revenue sources

    Setting up

    Before joining frequency response, your site needs the following:

    • Flexitricity outstation, frequency sensor and communications equipment (we provide all that)
    • A power metering signal to measure responsive loads
    • A single-phase feed to our frequency-sensing equipment

    Site security

    Your site's core business activities take priority at all times. We provide:

    • Remote monitoring of your site 24/7
    • An 'inhibit' control, allowing site staff to opt out of Frequency response at any time
    • Control systems which automatically prevent frequency response operation if a problem is detected
    • A direct line to our control room, which is staffed round the clock

    Payments for frequency response

    As large frequency deviations are relatively rare, we charge National Grid for the availability of the frequency response capacity.

    We pass live metering, aggregated across all frequency response sites, direct to National Grid. This validates the availability and generates the payments.


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