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Footroom / Demand turn-up

We pay customers to use electricity when there’s too much wind energy.

Flexitricity Footroom is Britain’s first system for making use of excess wind power. We pay you to increase consumption or reduce generation at your site, so that National Grid doesn’t have to pay wind farms to shut down.

Footroom, or demand turn-up, benefits organisations able to increase consumption or reduce generation when wind output is high.

  • New revenue for business customers and small generator owners
  • Flexible – customers can opt out when they wish to
  • Compatible with other revenue sources

For generators

Small generators can be paid to reduce generation for the toughest half-hours in a high wind event.

  • Combined heat and power (CHP)
  • Anaerobic digestion, including sewage and landfill gas
  • Small hydro generators with reservoirs

The more a generator is used in normal business activities, the more it can earn in Footroom. The best Footroom resources have storage or inertia.

For business energy users

Flexible loads can earn by consuming more when wind output is high. The best sites have storage or inertia in their systems, including:

  • Water pumping stations
  • Cold storage
  • Space cooling
  • Some manufacturing loads

We only work with loads that can make practical use of the extra consumption. The more flexibility a load has, the more revenue it can generate.