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Balancing Mechanism Wider Access

The Balancing Mechanism (BM) has so far only been accessible to energy suppliers and licenced generators; through the introduction of a new market structure, Virtual Lead Parties (VLP), National Grid ESO is opening up access to this real-time balancing market for all sources of electrical flexibility. This is a huge opportunity for those flexible energy users and small generators who previously haven’t been able to access the full range of revenue streams available to flexibility.

A big milestone

On 23rd April 2020, Flexitricity completed the first ever Balancing Mechanism transaction as a Virtual Lead Party through Balancing Mechanism Wider Access route to market by dispatching two batteries owned by Philip Dennis Foodservice.

Click HERE to read the press release.


  • Roadmap – widening access to the BM in the context of broader market changes, how it came about and what’s to follow.
  • Regulatory landscape and Flexitricity’s new VLP role in widening the market access.
  • Concepts – we define some key concepts, including the Balancing Mechanism, Virtual Lead Parties, Secondary BMUs and more. 
  • Participation - what types and size of assets can participate. 
  • Range of opportunities - The difference between accessing the BM through Flexitricity+ Energy Supply and through Flexiticity’s VLP offering.
  • Revenue agility – strategies for optimising revenue from the energy markets.
  • Practicalities – registration requirements, metering / settlement and payments.
  • Q&A