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Energy Partner Survey results

Author: Helle Häng 08th Jan 2020

Energy Partner Survey results

The results from our annual Energy Partner survey are in and we've got some great feedback! We always do our best for our customers so it's lovely to hear that it doesn't go unnoticed.

The stats

96% said Flexitricity is 'very responsive'.

93% are 'very satisfied' with the service received.

95% said they were 'very or extremely satisfied'  with their overall experience with Flexitricity.

Some of the key challenges our Energy Partners are facing

- Achieving net zero

- Combating rising energy costs

- Complexity of the energy industry

- Maximising revenue streams

Projects our partners are looking to explore in 2020

- Access the Balancing Mechanism and other trading opportunities

- Enrol electrical load into demand side response

- Energy storage

    What our Energy Partners say about us:

    "Flexitricity is sometimes the first point we find out about industry news. Please keep sending email news to customers, it is very helpful."

    "Currently I feel our needs are met, it's not until we are offered something extra we realise we actually could have used it, but this is where Flexitricity excel in bringing to our attention new market leading initiatives."

    "Appreciate Flexitricity's willingness to respond and engage (with queries or new product ideas), as well as flagging up industry-wide updates i.e. acting as a partner, rather than just a supplier."

    "Most competitive at tender stage, and most dynamic in terms of new propositions and income streams."

    "Reliable and honest approach."

          Thank you for all who filled out the survey!

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