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Published by Helle Taylor 09 / 09 / 19

After 14 years – although the energy landscape has changed dramatically - Flexitricity still exists for the same reason – to build a greener, fairer energy system where everyone benefits. From NHS hospitals and universities to tomato growers and district heating schemes, innovative developers and investors in battery storage and EVs – down to every single domestic energy user in the UK.

We will continue to see dramatic change in the energy market over the next decade and beyond. Traditional generators like large nuclear, coal and gas-fired power stations are being replaced by cleaner but intermittent renewables. If there’s not enough flexibility in our energy system to support that, the move to a low carbon future will be much slower and will come at an added cost to consumers.

This is creating a dramatic new opportunity for flexible energy users and distributed generation to help National Grid meet the energy demands of the UK and support the renewable energy revolution.

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