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Targeted offering

Our approach to electricity and gas supply is a little different to the norm. Flexitricity’s supply proposition is “pass through”—customers see all energy costs and revenues explicitly, so that they can control them. Our supply customers are able to make long-term trades if they wish to, based on prices available in the market at the time. But we don't offer traditional all-in fixed prices. Naturally, this won’t suit all customers.

If a Flexitricity energy supply contract isn’t the right fit for a customer, or the customer is happy with the supplier they have, we will continue to be the market-leading choice for balancing, capacity and peaking revenue sources. We run Britain’s longest established and most diverse demand response service, and we’re going to keep doing that.

However, many of our existing and potential customers could earn more revenue with our approach to energy supply. That’s why we’ve opened up the most important market in flexible energy for them to ensure that they can maximise the value from their assets.

Flexitricity+ energy supply proposition will suit many sectors:

  • Combined heat and power (CHP) operators, including those with private wire networks and district heating projects.
  • Flexible consumers in sectors such as cold storage, water and chemicals.
  • Developers of batteries, hybrid resources and peaking or backup plants, whether behind the meter or not.
  • Controllable renewable resources, such as hydro, biogas, biomass or batteries co-located on wind or solar farms.